The Experience


New friends, get ready to have your senses heightened as I love to create a truly indulgent and delightful time that you will not soon forget.


The moment I open the door, you step into an environment designed to instantly melt away all your stress and anxiety. You will be welcomed into a room full of firelight, stimulating music, light snacks (if desired), water or tea and a small bar so you may responsibly indulge in the beverage of your choice.


Established friends, welcome back! I love that our relationship is explorative and ever-evolving. You are familiar with my arsenal by now. I look forward to seeing how we can expand or simplify, depending on our mood.

A Gentle Introduction/The Sensory Experience


When I am welcoming you to the body treatment of your fantasies, I will be wearing something comfortable so that I may dance around you with ease and grace as I work my magic. If you are joining me for a Nuru massage, I will be in the appropriate attire for an amazing body-to-body rub.


For those who are short on time or simply want to get an idea of what a full pampering session would be like before committing to an extended time together, I offer this shortened experience.


Abbreviated hour of sensory experience / $500

(less deep connecting & more relaxing)


Traditional Companionship


For a traditional meeting, I like to begin by taking our time to sit and learn about your day. Like old friends, we will laugh and exchange stories until we blissfully unfold into a different experience. During this time, you will discover my playful personality.


As a pleasure seeker, I value occasional indulgence and luxuries, but I do not place the value of this over the value of health, sanity and balance. You will feel at ease knowing that, although I enjoy a good time, I am mature enough to do so safely, sanely and responsibly. Care to share a bottle of wine? Just let me know. 


Cleanliness is also high on my list of priorities, so I do all I can to maintain a neat and sterile refuge. I appreciate friends who can accept that, even in moments of abandon, I will still be attentive and caring enough to put our future health and wellbeing above all.


I look forward to running away from the world with you, melting in your arms (or having you melt under my hands) and revel in a fantasy, if only for an hour.




Take me out! I do the same things any companion of yours would do. I’m polished and poised – an excellent escort to an event, function or dinner. I love hikes, days on the beach, at the pool, shopping, absorbing culture and exploring. With advanced notice and busy schedule permitting, I may be available to travel with previously established friends.



One hour of delight and companionship / $900

(for meaningful connections)


Two hours of escape together / $1,400

(time truly does fly)

Three hours / $2,000

Every hour after up to five hours / $600

Four hours / $2,600

Five hours / $3,200


*As a low-volume, high-retention provider, I put a significant amount of time into being as physically and emotionally present as possible for the select group of people I do see. I love getting to know my friends on a deeper level and creating the space for such relationships may require more time and energy than one might initially think. Traditional companionship generally requires more time and attention than the other experiences I provide, which is why they are at a higher price point than a massage-like sensory experience.



24 Hours of Indulgence

For certain friends under certain circumstances, I may be able to slip away for an entire rotation around the sun with you. / $6,000


Take me out! I do the same things any companion of yours would do. I’m polished and poised – an excellent sidekick for an event, function or dinner. I love hikes, days on the beach, at the pool, shopping, absorbing culture and exploring.


We can stay in and forget the rest of the world, but let's not forget our human needs. I am my happiest and I function best when well-fed and well-rested with at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. I do ask that we not forget that at least something small for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or brunch and dinner) will be necessary for our ongoing energy. 

Mini Vacation


If you desire, longer getaways or mini-vacations may be possible. Let me know what you have in mind and we can sort out the details. I am passport ready complete with KTN and Global Entry.

Fetish & Fantasy

I do have a bit of an alternative streak in me that enjoys stepping out from time to time. If you're more of the role-playing type and wish to spend time with a strict disciplinarian, a sensual Domme, an experienced foot fetish model, or something else creative, please let me know! I am open to considering ideas. All you have to do is share them. 

One hour / $500 

The rule of three is a principle that suggests that a trio of events or characters is more satisfying than other numbers. Let us be satisfied! Don't forget to let me know if you'd like a friend to join us.



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