Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the photos really of you?


I want to be confident that you're going to like what you see when we meet in person, therefore, I only use my real photos. Neither one of us has time to waste and honesty makes like so much easier. 


But you look like a girl I've seen somewhere before.

Maybe I'm her. ; )


Why can’t I see your face?


This is my secret life. It is my time away from the real world, in which I have professional obligations and valuable relationships. To reveal my identity would mean I compromise my safety, my career and my relationships. I love to have moments with you as Olivia and in order for me to safely continue to be able to offer those moments to you, I must protect myself online.


I assure you that I do not have a third eye growing out of my forehead. In fact, my fair and smooth-skinned, European face consistently wins admiration from people who tell me that I’m “even prettier in person”.  I have a glowing smile and attractiveness of a classic American actress.  

Are you all-natural?


I believe European beauty is more attractive than highly manufactured beauty. I am not all-natural, but the tasteful work I’ve had done was performed by a highly skilled American doctor who shares my aesthetic values on subtle enhancements. My nails are reasonably manicured. My skin is naturally fair. I do not hide my natural eyes with contacts. I wear a tasteful amount of makeup.

Why do you need so much verification information?


I don’t ask for your information to humiliate you or spy on you. Trust me, I’m both too kind and too busy to do either of those. The reason I require verification information is to maintain our security. It is also to assure that we are completely comfortable with each other and can enjoy each other fully and without doubt or reservation.


Whether I am seeing you for incall or outcall, I am investing a large amount of time and energy into our meeting. I am trusting you in a very vulnerable situation and, regardless of how we spend our time, we will be developing a lot of intimacy in a short amount of time. I can not do with just anyone. If I am to let you into my house and/or my heart, we must trust each other completely.


Trust that I have entertained very important and high-profile people. It is of far greater interest to me to protect the identity of my clients and friends than it is to be loose with their information. Your personal information is secure with me.  

Can we just chat by phone to get to know each other first?


I am happy to have a brief conversation with you to exchange urgent information during or after the verification process, or to make sure we are a good energetic fit, but I am not available for long conversations to pass time. If you want to exchange ideas or see if we have chemistry by phone and you believe this could take significant time, please ask me for my PayPal account. I will happily arrange half an hour or more to converse with you by phone once a donation has been made.


Where can I see you? 


I'm available to host you or to visit you at your location in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. If we are meeting at my place, an exact west side address will be provided by text on the day of our appointment. 


Incall available in other SoCal locations with advanced planning and a possible, small additional fee. 


For outcalls, I am willing to travel almost anywhere once trust has been established between us, however, I may require a deposit, depending on the exact location you wish to meet. Anything is possible with the right planning, deposit, and accommodations. 


I will be in town with a friend/colleague. Can you bring a friend for a double date? 


Yes, I have a few friends who may be interested in joining if their schedules permit. I will happily share their information with you once everyone in your party has been properly verified. 


Do you see couples? 


I enjoy couples, but I'll be honest, couples can be tricky. I would highly encourage the two of you to have thoughtful and honest communication about whether you're ready for this experience together and if you're both equally excited to enjoy this or if one is just acquiescing to the other's suggestion. If you are positive about wanting to meet together, I would be happy to hear from you. Verification is required for both parties. 

Mind if I smoke?


 I completely understand that life is stressful and you may desire a little assistance shifting into a more relaxed mode during our time together. I don't mind if you enjoy a light smoke, but I do ask that you please avoid cigarettes and potentially dangerous substances during our time together. 

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