Dear future friends,


Time is our most precious commodity. I appreciate that you're considering spending it with me. Below is a little information to help you determine if our time is best experienced in each other's company. 


I adore the company of a distinguished gentleman. I love the harmonious way we blend together. He holds worldly knowledge and confident charisma. He is always well-mannered, well-presented and practicing humility, despite his success. I also enjoy the company of the old soul, a younger friend who is mature for his age and well on his way to becoming an accomplished man. Speckled between these men, I've found myself taking delight in the charisma of those few people who host different characteristics and life experiences, but who, nonetheless, understand how far respect and decorum can take them when in the presence of a lady. If you are a (fully adult) boy-next-door sort, a techie, or you own the construction company, but you are a perfect gentleman who enjoys the art of conversation as well as any other delight, please don't hesitate to be in touch.  

Together, we enjoy sharing stories of global adventures. He may find delighted by being in the energy and excitement of an insatiably curious girl who wants to play and discover. He will enjoy that although playful, she is proud, strong, educated, self-aware and accomplished in her own right. She, too, is always smartly presented as to blend in well with even the most discriminating of circles.

This man, my ideal companion, admires me for my warm heart, thoughtfulness, inspired conversation, classic, feminine beauty, adventurous spirit and desire to take care of those who take care of me. When he treats me like a lady, he is placed on a pedestal, and he takes pleasure in my attentive and caring nature. He will most likely return again and again. I am highly selective with the company I keep, but those who are let in do tend to stay with me for a very long time.  I am a rare breed of woman that both fantasy and long term relationships are made of - a delectable combination of sugar and spice. 

In the past, I have met these men by simply living life, attending events, being in the right places, or through personal introductions. Times have changed, however, and so has my ability to be available in so many places. To protect my most valuable commodity, I've decided to focus on other things during my days while I let my web presence help prospective new companions find me.


If my words and images resonate with you, I welcome your message and look forward to building a wonderfully rewarding special friendship with you.

©2019 by  Olivia Nicole. All rights reserved.